Falls Village Scholarship Association

It takes a village to launch a young person into the 21st century and for over 40 years, FVSA has awarded almost 150 students scholarships as an investment in their futures.

Your donation will help the FVSA provide financial help to the graduating high school seniors living in our small town to further their education.

Applicants will find information below on the right of this page.

You can donate via credit card by clicking the button below or mail your check to:

PO Box 292
Falls Village, CT  06031

Donate Now!

Any donation amount now will help FVSA come through for the 2024 graduates and for any Falls Village high school student who graduated in 2023 and who took a gap year.


Email us at fvscholarshipassocation@gmail.com

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship, must meet the following criteria:

  • be a high school senior graduating this year
  • be a high school graduate last year who took one gap year
  • plan to attend an institution offering secondary education (technical school, community or four-year college, or university) next year
  • be a resident of Falls Village, CT

Deadline:  2024 Deadline is June 1

2024 HS Grads application to come in SpringGap Year Grads application to come in Spring