Proposed POCD - Plan of Conservation & Development 2024-2034
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BOS Regular Meeting 7pm or immediately following BOF meeting

Event posted by
Board of Selectmen
                                                           Town of Canaan 
                                                Board of Selectmen Meeting 
                                      Monday, March 15, 2023@ 7:00 PM or at the 
                         Conclusion of the Board of Finance Meeting if the time is after 7:00 PM  
108 Main Street, Falls Village, Connecticut 06031
I.                     Call to Order
II.                   Public Comment (limit two minutes)
       III.           Approval of Pending Minutes-2/6/23 and 3/8/23
       IV.           Treasurer and Tax Collector Reports
V.                  Communications
a. Written-None
b. Oral         
       VI.           Selectman Report
1.       Cyber review- some small items to fix    
2.       Change necessary in two accounts, Web Maintenance increase by $4,000 and Dog fund additional funding of $5,000 (due to eviction)-BOF action needed
3.       Tier 2 review completed
4.       Sent ARPA funds for Day Care, Center on Main 
5.       Recommendations on sale of 35 RR street-RFP’s for testing soil, appraisal of property and review of alternative parking during tear up of parking lot.  P and Z request to vacate property.
6.       GIS-not included in budget yet 
7.       Culvert not funded for state this year-do not want to fund it solely-put in TRIPS?
8.       Set Town Meeting.BOF action needed
9.       One mil is now $237,183.17 vs. $191,195.42 in 2022.
10.    Budget for Town of Canaan is nearing completion.
11.    Bridge over the Housatonic is now done.  Expect $75,000 in capital returns that should be utilized to reduce the debt undertaken to fund same.
VI.                Old Business
VII.             New Business
1          Tax rebates
2.     Action on RFP’s for testing soil, appraisal of Building , parking lot clearance and vacating property for sale of building.  Lease states 15 day notification required
           VIII.     Any Other Business to Properly Come Before the Board
 IX.        Adjournment