Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the 4th Thursday of each month with the exception of August with additional special meeting and Public Hearings as needed. The purpose of the Commission is to provide standards and guidance for land use activities in the Town of Canaan (Falls Village) to help maintain and enhance community character and help protect the public health, safety and welfare. These standards strike a balance between what people want to be able to do on their own property and what people think their neighbors ought to be able to do on their property. 

**Please contact the Zoning Official to determine which permit applications are required for your project.

zoning Enforcement officer


p: (860) 248-0802
f: (860) 824-4506


By Appointment

planning and zoning board

  • Garret Scavotto

  • John Morrissey

  • Alt. Marc Rosen

  • Alt. Ruth Skovron

  • Fredrick Laser, Chairman

  • Greg Marlowe

  • Gregory Bidou

  • Vincent Inconiglios

  • Alice Macchi

zoning board of appeals

  • Stephen J Dean

  • Ellery Sinclair

  • John P Holland - Chairman

  • Dennis S Jasmine

  • Richard Heinz

Zoning - Inland / Wetland Permit Fees

Permit Fee
Zoning Permit $85.00
Special Exception / Special Permit $180.00
Application to Change Zoning Map $150.00
Application to Change Zoning Regulations $150.00
Appeal of ZEO Decision to ZBA $100.00
Variance Application $100.00
Inland / Wetlands Applicattion $135.00
Subdivisions - Final Subdivision Plan $300.00 + $100/lot