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We had a nice meeting last night at the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen. One of the things we discussed was a change in the way we will be handling recycling at the Town Transfer Station. All of our recycling goes to MIRA, a public/private entity that turns our trash into electricity. We are a member of that organization. Mira does not separate cardboard from cans and bottles in its facility, combining both in a process called single streaming. We create two streams, one of cardboard and one of bottles, cans and plastic. Consequently, we are going to change over to single streaming as of January 1, 2019. One of our concerns is that this may increase our transportation costs over time so may we switch back to the two streams we have had in the past. We will keep you informed as we evaluate the change.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had positive and productive meetings with both Ned Lamont and Maria Horn. It is very important to our town to maintain good working relationships with our governor and our representative in the state house and I look forward to collaborating with both in the future to further our village’s interests. Let’s all wish them the best to in returning Connecticut to a place of financial stability and keeping our little corner of the world such a fine area in which to live.

On January 10th, 2019, we are planning on holding a town meeting which will take place at 7 PM in Town Hall, 108 Main Street. The meeting will cover several matters for approval such as our Annual Audit and Town Report, approving our banking relationships, rescinding a town ordinance establishing a water commission in order to bring the waterworks under direct town control while maintaining the structure we have in place to take care of day to day responsibilities, authorizing a capital expense to replace our server, which is necessary every five years, approving a bear feeding ordinance and do some minor account clean up by retiring an unused reserve account and transferring the small balance in it to another. We encourage your participation in our Town Meeting which is one of the great aspects of our democracy-the ability to directly participate in decisions that impact our village.

Though I do not wish to sound like a broken record, I again encourage everyone to volunteer for the Falls Village Volunteer Fire Department. Your participation would be a wonderful holiday gift to all of us who live here.

Selectman’s Blog

This will be the second installment of a weekly blog highlighting events, general happenings and points of interest to our residents.

We had a successful tree lighting and ceremony on the Town Green last night followed by hot chocolate, cookies and a visit from Santa. Despite the drizzle and cold, we had a good attendance.

I encourage you to visit the Main Street during December to notice the decorations that dress up many of the Town buildings. Also, thanks to all of those who have donated to the private fund that allowed this to happen.

Let me correct a typo in my original blog of last week. The correct spelling is Tracey, not Tracie. This will be the first of many mistakes that I will make over time. Mea culpa!

On a serious note, we need volunteers for the FVVFD, especially those who are willing to act as EMT’s. The dedicated crew that staff our ambulance is getting a little thin. This is a volunteer job that is critical to the maintenance of the safety of our citizenry. What could be a better thing to do in this holiday season than to join this team that saves lives and protects our town’s homes and businesses. And I have to add, this is a fun group of people.

Selectman’s Blog

Welcome to my blog as First Selectman. It is my intention to update this on a frequent basis so that residents and/or visitors to our beautiful village can get an idea of what is currently happening from me directly.

To begin, most of you have noticed that we have two new additions to our staff at the Town Transfer station. Our new Coordinator is Tracie Wilson, a long-time resident of Falls Village. She replaced Fred Palmer who had been working for the town for almost 30 years. Our new attendant is Peter Roussis in replacement of Norma Galaise. Norma is moving to Pennsylvania. They are both doing an excellent job and I encourage you to introduce yourself to them when you are next there.

Our tree lighting ceremony is Sunday, December 2 from 5-7 PM. A short, song-filled greeting to the new season followed by Santa and refreshments in the Senior Center. We hope that you will attend. While you wander around the village that night, note the decorations that have been placed on many of the town buildings. This is the kick-off of a new yearly expansion of our holiday celebration in the village, “The Festival of Wreaths”. This is a privately funded project led by Felicia Jones and Pamela Todd. It is their intention to expand this throughout the town in years to come and you’ll hear more about this long before the next holiday season.

 Noreen Driscoll(Sweethaven Farm), Selectman Henry Todd, State Rep. Maria Horn

Noreen Driscoll(Sweethaven Farm), Selectman Henry Todd, State Rep. Maria Horn