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First Selectman's Update

Posted on
September 19, 2019
First Selectman's Office
In October, we are holding a Falls Village Community Forum.  You will have received a postcard at your home by this time and we look forward to a good turnout.  These meetings are for the purpose of outlining the three main strategic goals of our Selectmen and getting feedback from community members, both full and part-time.  The new Emergency Services Facility will serve as the venue which is located at 188 Route 7 South and there will be two separate opportunities for you to hear and comment on our vision—the first on Friday, October 11, at 7 PM and the second on October 12, at 9 AM.  

The subject matter will concern three major topics.  First, we will give a short outline of the changing demographics of our community.  Next, we will discuss our need for rental properties within the confines of our community. Following this, our vision for the reinvigoration of our downtown.  To conclude, we will talk about the need for connectivity in our town, a fancy word for improving our communication within the Town of Canaan through the installation of fiber optic cable.

So please come and here us out.  We want this to be an interactive process and need your input, whether positive or negative.  

On another note, please be aware that we will have a lot of helicopter traffic in our area over our town in October and November as Eversource is installing new fiber optic cables on their transmission towers that run through our town.  The purpose of this is for Eversource to more quickly identify outages and therefore to be nimble in rerouting electricity to areas effected by an outage. The main areas of activity will be around Water Street, Johnson Road and Under Mountain Road.  

We will again be upgrading the Holiday decorations in our Town Center through donations received from members of the village.  There will be more on this subject in my next blog.  It’s too early now.  Personally, I am finding it difficult to accept that summer is basically over.

Our website will be undergoing another upgrade in the next month or so.  We are going to be adding some new content, putting more informational links on it and are going to start collecting emergency contact numbers for residents in town.  Our goal is to have either e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers so that we can quickly inform residents of situations that may arise by message or text.  While we hope we never have to use it, we want to have this capability.