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First Selectman's Update

Posted on
August 22, 2019
First Selectman's Office
Summer is coming to a close and we hope that you have enjoyed the great outdoors in this most beautiful, (if sometime too warm), weather.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit the town center recently, there have been a lot of little changes and one very big one that we would like you to see.  Bunny Williams has opened her shop in the center of town.  This has generated great interest in the village and will be an asset to this community for years to come.  Traffic in the village, both on foot and by vehicle, has increased dramatically.  I encourage you to visit the store.

The town plantings have started to really grow.  As we have mentioned earlier, these plants will take a year or two to reach full maturity and, because they are native grasses, will be drought resistant so that they will be sustainable and will have less maintenance required due to crowding out weeds.  We are trying to adopt a unifying look to the village center. Some small changes will continue to be made.

The Center On Main boasts a refurbished door, due to volunteer work, that sets off the building.  We have repainted the front door of Town Hall.  All of this is to present our town center as a more attractive and vital place.  It is one of the Board of Selectmen’s main goals to make the town center more pleasing to the eye.

A training session was held by CERC for town officials on how best to foster development within our village while maintaining the culture of the community.  It was a very interesting and thought provoking exercise that we hope will help us in our future efforts to make Falls Village more prosperous and self-sustaining.

In that light, we are planning on having a Community Forum to outline our principal strategic goals for the town for the next few years in October.  This was originally going to be in September but we have been compiling information so furiously that we have delayed it a bit to incorporate all the new data we have.  We, as the Board of Selectmen, hope that these meetings will be well attended so that we can have the maximum input from the community as a whole, both full-time residents and weekenders.  These forums will be interactive so that everyone will be able to talk through these issues.

In order to maximize attendance, you will be receiving a postcard notification of the dates and times.