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COVID-19 Update

Posted on
March 16, 2020
First Selectman's Office
The Coronavirus, Covid-19, continues to spread throughout the United States.  The only state, as of last night, without this disease is West Virginia.  With the new testing regime, announced yesterday, we expect the number of confirmed cases to increase dramatically.  The news media has done an excellent job in reporting the actions of the government and you can keep up with these at the links on our website.

We have taken the unprecedented action of putting Town Hall on lockdown for the next two weeks.  While we will be in the Town Hall on a daily basis to make sure the business of the town goes on uninterrupted, we will not be allowing visitors to enter. The schools have also been closed for at least two weeks.  We will be reevaluating the length of these closures as circumstances dictate.

All of us at Town Hall forward our phone calls to our e-mail so we will be capable of answering any questions or dealing with any problems on a timely basis.  If you can not get through to our phones for any reason, do not hesitate to reach me either on my cell, 215-917-1335, or at home, 860-453-4187.  

Keep safe, keep up your social distancing and wash your hands.  And if you have symptoms that lead you to believe you might have the coronavirus, stay at home and call your physician.